An exclusive page for our member's that helps make this daily practice a little more sustainable! As much as we would love daily visits and have you join us in the studio, we get being busy! Member's can now enjoy some 30-40 minute flows to set your day for whatever you need to recalibrate, all from the comfort of your own home.

Join the program for only $150 and receive the following:

- Unlimited Yoga & Barre Classes

- Free access to online classes from our own team

- 10% Retail and Workshops (excluding retreats)

- Exclusive events and contests

- Bring one new guest per month

Strength & Grace with Jess - 40 Minutes

All In The Hips with Jess - 31 Minutes

Navina Flow with Jen - 37 Minutes

Strength And Grace with Jen - 35 Minutes

Modern Flow with Sarah - 34 minutes

All In The Hips with Sarah - 37 Minutes

Yin Yoga with Michelle - 31 minutes

Navina Flow with Meg - 41 minutes

Gentle Flow with Michelle - 28 Minutes

Gentle Flow with Meg - 27 Minutes