The Not So Sweet Reality Of Sugar By Stephanie McKay

As I sit down to write this today, I can’t help but think of my 1 year old and the extreme amount of importance and awareness I put into what I nourish him with. It doesn’t stop there though. I lead by example and nourish my body just as mindfully so that I can be a healthier mommy for him and myself. I feel a great sense of importance in delivering my message in the most uplifting and informative way possible. If you don’t know me already you soon will realize that I am extremely passionate about Health and Wellness especially in the field of nutrition.

I see our society becoming sicker and sicker and sadly diseases are most definitely on the rise and as much as it saddens me, it makes me even more excited to continue learning and hopefully impacting society with the knowledge I can share. The topic of nutrition is so vast and can become quite complex, but for the sake of this blog I would like to just give one very important lesson and some information to hopefully have people become more interested in their own health and want to learn more.

The topic today I want to share my knowledge about, is the shocking effects of SUGAR on our bodies. Did you know that sugar is classified as one of the most addictive drugs on the planet alongside cocaine, caffeine and opioids. This “drug” that we find some parents giving to their small children as a reward for behaving, doing chores or as a part of a celebration of a job well done. As most of us know the younger a child is introduced to sugar the harder it is to break those habits as they become an adult. This is resulting in a large number of people being diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes. By overeating sugar your body becomes insulin resistant, meaning it is no longer able to process insulin properly. A shocking 9.4% or 30.3 million Americans being diagnosed.

Many people don’t realize that fatty foods are less of a culprit of weight gain than sugar. The way this happens is if the sugar you eat isn’t burned off ( aka exercise) then it is stored in the bodies fat cells, because the body views it as an energy source. Eventually it is turned into fat cells as many are quite sedentary and unable to burn it off. This in turn is one of the causes of obesity, causing the immune system to become compromised, the liver to be overloaded with fat which can result in liver failure. This is only a small number of side affects that sugar causes on the body.

Not only does this substance reward the taste buds in a persons mouth in stimulates the pleasure centres in their brains. We can all agree that it tastes good, but does it really taste that good? As I prepare my baby boys meals I am extremely conscious of the sugar I am keeping out of his body. Easy snacks are loaded with it, yet the extra time it requires me to make a healthy snack from scratch far outweighs the drastic affects I can cause for him down the road.

This and so many more topics on nutrition excite me in sharing my knowledge and hopefully anyone interested can join me this Sunday from 11-1pm. Come learn some fundamentals when it comes to nutrition and easy tricks that you can walk away with feeling a little more empowered on how to nourish your bodies to therefore show up he way you want to in your life. Excited to see you all, so that we can learn and share together.


Meg Stevenson