Drop What It Looks Like And Make It A Happy New Year!

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After the season of indulging, the New Year is often met with an urge to want to create a new you as January offers that extra incentive to make a change. With the best of intentions, many Canadians set New Year’s resolutions and the success rate does not even hit the double digits. This staggering statistic stems for our all or nothing approach; it is our addiction to instant gratification that steers us directly toward your old habits. The first step to a happy New Year is to approach this year like a marathon, not a sprint. 

The real root of the problem lies in the fixation of what our goals look like rather than what it feels like. We focus on the external results and ignore the fact that this may not be in alignment with what we really want. If you have committed to daily workouts, have you considered whether or not you actually like going to the gym? When we find something we actually enjoy doing we look forward to our workouts rather than dread them. Set yourself up for success this year and find something you actually enjoy doing. Whether your goals are related to fitness, business, or personal experience, if you focus on something that makes you feel good, you will enjoy the process. This will shift your state and you begin to operate from a place of desire, which immediately sets you up for success and you catapult into a state of action. If you don’t enjoy the process then you will be constantly operating from a place of sheer willpower, which is exhausting. 

The last major factor for consideration is that we fail to focus on one of the main principles in yoga, letting go. If you want to be successful with your goals you need to consider what you will stop doing as much as you will focus on what you start doing. We are an incredibly busy society so if you plan to implement three yoga classes a week, have you considered what you are willing to give up in order to make time for that in your routine? Keep it simple, start with your television. 

No matter what direction you want to take 2018, take a step back and ask yourself this; are you really setting yourself up for a happy New Year? If you drop what it looks like and practice letting go you will instantly perpetuate growth; this is what unlocks happiness, because it truly is not about the destination but journey along the way. So whether your strategy for growth this year is yoga, running, reading, or writing, just be sure you enjoy it. When making your commitments consider what you will give up in order to create space for this because it you try to wedge anything else into your schedule I give it two weeks top and the priority we let go of is ourselves. So this New Year, be easy, enjoy and let's make it a happy 2018! 

At Navina Yoga we offer programs that help you implement these tools and practices into your life all year round.

Meg Stevenson