Why you should grab props every class.....

There is often a negative connotation towards the use of props in our practice, as if using them makes you less able in the posture when in fact is quite the opposite. There are many props that you can use in your practice but let’s start with blocks. By using blocks, you are simply bringing the floor a little closer to you, but somewhere along the way we make it mean that we are not good at yoga or we are just not flexible enough and we let ourselves struggle through it because we view using props as a form of a crutch. The fact is, your legs are longer than your arms, so unless you are incredibly flexible in your hamstrings, if you are in a standing posture with your body folded forward and placing your hands to the floor, this will simply cause you to have to bend that knee and shorten your hamstrings when the point of it is to encourage length instead. So if you do use the blocks you will be able to get a much better stretch. Our minds simply turn things around and make it mean something totally different, this is one of the biggest patterns that we want to interrupt within our practice. Again we like to break it down into facts and here they are, yoga is about bringing your body into proper alignment, props allow your body to be in proper alignment, all the rest we make of the use of props is just a part of our mental chatter creating some sort of story that derives from some sort of limiting belief.


Our addiction to the quick fix has steered us into the wrong direction and when it comes to our health, we are missing the point. We want to get where we are going as fast as possible but the problem is all it takes is for your actions to be slightly off and it throws our trajectory way off point. We lose sight of our intentions and this hyper driving force has created a shift away from quality and focused more towards speed and eventually injury. When you come to practice at Navina please take advantage of our investment in the best props to enhance your practice, and if you allow your practice to be supported you will create space for an organic opening which will also lead you to be injury free.


We often think that we need to take everything on ourselves and the fact is it really feels good to be supported, so instead of letting your ego run the show and resisting it, let it go and embrace it. Has someone ever offered you assistance with something and you took it to mean that you are weak in some way? Or if a co-worker offered to take something off of your hands and you took it to mean that you are not doing a sufficient job? We have become so focused and concerned with how we look to others that we create a false interpretation of compassionate actions. We hope you consider this concept off your mat and even consider one area in your life where you could use some support, and then open yourself up to it and just see what happens. The universe works in beautiful ways if you let it.


Meg Stevenson