Join Meg for this unique and exclusive challenge that is so much more than a daily yoga practice, but a program that integrates mindfulness into your everyday life! The biggest obstacle with this challenge is always time, so we are incredibly excited to be launching our 40 Days To Personal Transformation Online!

Here’s how it works:

Every Saturday you will receive a link with access to your lecture which explores the theme of the week and how to integrate it into the four facets of the program: yoga, meditation, diet, and self-inquiry. Each week you will be provided with a new yoga sequence that is available for download so you can take it anywhere you go, as well your weekly meditation in an audio file that plays right from your iTunes. You will receive daily emails to help keep you on track with the content and we will have a Facebook group where we can connect and discuss what we are facing and take part in one of the most powerful tools of manifesting our vision, sharing!

If you are ready to create a change in your life then we highly recommend you take advantage of this new flexible format so that you can choose when you roll out your mat. The practices start shorter but progress each week so by the end of the program you are starting to carve out much more time so this makes it a realistic commitment for any busy schedule.

Join this exclusive challenge for just $199! 

Our next transformation begins Saturday September 21st 2019. Sign up online and get access to great start up tips right away so you can set yourself up for success!