Navina Flow


Connecting movement with breath, effort with ease. This class is suited for all levels and suitable for all needs as we simultaneously target strength and flexibility. The movements are delivered slowly to ensure adequate time for our skilled instructors to cue alignment, adjust and offer you time to explore the position. This leaves you with space to experience what it feels like rather than trying to just go with what the posture looks like. Each class will have a similar feel to it so that you can become familiar with the flow and create a sustainable practice yet the focus of the class is up to the instructor. This freedom creates space for the instructor to co-create with the practitioners in the room and we believe this combination will offer the best experience for you!

Modern Flow


This class targets the two largest issues we face in our society, tight muscles and a weak core which accounts for a large percentage of low back pain. Although the class will still be true to yoga and follow the same structure as a flow class, there will be a heavy focus on core throughout, and we mean more than just your abs..... With this injection of core based movements you are signing up to work hard but we promise the results are worth it! The challenge is not by moving faster or adding more repetitions, the movements will be integrated into the vinyasa flow at a slow and controlled pace, we promise you will thank us later. Strength is so important and this class is a perfect compliment to your yoga practice that we recommend taking at least once a week. A friendly reminder that we resist is generally what we need the most. We assure you that we will take time at the end of every class to wind down and give your muscles a well deserved opportunity to relax and absorb all your efforts.

Yin Yoga


The polar opposite to our Navina Flow, this gentle practice  of Yin Yoga offers longer holds in more relaxed positions. This passive approach offers practitioners with a different kind of challenge in itself, but the practice is not to stretch your muscles, instead you will surrender your efforts to stretch your connective tissues and even the space between your thoughts. This practice works the physical, energetic, and mental bodies to bring you back into harmony. Yin is for everybody and offers a great compliment to any Yang practice whether it is a vinyasa flow, a run, or a kettle bell. Let's be honest, active or not, we can all benefit greatly from more yin to our  crazy busy yang.....

Yoga Nidra


Yoga Nidra offers a beautiful opportunity to escape from the constant activity of the external world and begin to experience what is going on internally. It is a practice where your physical body completely lets go in savasana, yet you remain alert and aware. This guided practice offers an opportunity to let go of our external environment and the journey towards ultimate relaxation. 


Gentle Yoga 


This gentle yoga class is designed for those who experience movement limitations whether it be from prolonged periods of lack of activity or due chronic injuries such arthritis or back pain, this class will make the practice of yoga accessible so that you can experience some relief in stiffness and start your journey to becoming more flexible.

The key to right teaching is in the adaptation of yoga to the individual, not the individual to yoga…the whole spectrum of yoga practice must be carefully adapted to the individual’s situation. Nothing can be forced. ~T.K.V. Desikachar